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Welcome to the UPS Developer Kit Community.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an urgent technical support question/need please go to the UPS Developer Resource Center here and select “Email UPS”. You will get a response within 4 business hours during technical support operating hours (M-F 8am to 8pm EST and Sat-Sun 9am to 6pm EST).

This community is designed to create a self-serve environment which enables peer to peer sharing amongst developers to resolve issues, share best practices, and discuss emerging trends.

Our goal is to foster collaboration and idea sharing through the available discussion forums.

Please take a moment to read our Community Guidelines before participating. Also, note that since this is a self-sustaining site, a response to your question or comment will be slower than the UPS technical support email inquiry.

Again, if you have an urgent technical support issue please go here and submit an email request to UPS technical support.

We do have UPS Moderators reviewing the site daily but again we encourage a self-sustaining site where peer to peer sharing is expected.

Finally, the community is also designed to provide developers access to online versions of the developer guides and frequently asked questions as well as any news or announcements related to the UPS Developer Kit.

Thank you for your participation.

UPS Developer Kit Product Team

Check System Status

Go to the System Status page to view any planned maintenance or current system issues.

News & Announcements

UPS Developer Kit APIs are updated twice a year. These enhancements range from updating the functionality of existing APIs to creating new ones.

Getting Started

Register for the UPS Developer Kit Community and gain access to the Developer Guides, Knowledge Base, and the Forum. Login\create account.

View the Developer Guides

Developer Guides are available to help you effectively integrate UPS APIs into your website or business application.

Each guide contains a list of frequently asked questions, UPS logos, banners and code samples written in C#, Java, XML, PHP, and PERL.

View the Knowledge Base

Find answers to your technical or business questions regarding the implementation of UPS APIs in the Knowledge Base. (Knowledge Base available in English only).

Go to the Developer Kit Community Forum

The UPS Developer Kit Community Forum allows programmers to share best practices and programming tips for integrating UPS APIs.

Explore the Developer Resource Center (

The Developer Resource Center provides technical support and access to the resources you need to successfully integrate UPS APIs into your website or e-commerce applications.

Go to the UPS Developer Kit (

The UPS Developer Kit lets you download API documentation and request an access key so you can start integrating UPS functionality into your website or e-commerce application.

You will need log on to with your My UPS user ID and password to download your API Developer Kit.

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